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Storyline :

Ramayan Wars: The Ocean Leap is based on Sundarkand - a chapter in Ramayan that tells story of Hanuman crossing the ocean.
  • Story Background

The Ramayan is the story of the epic battle between the forces of light and the forces of darkness and ignorance. The heroes, embodying truth and goodness, fight against the dark forces of the demon race, known asRakshasas. These demons are powerful, war-like and horrifying creatures bent upon enslaving the world for their own power and enjoyment. Our heroes—Ram, Lakshman and Hanuman—are determined to halt the expansion of the dark forces and preserve truth, wisdom, freedom and wholeness of life throughout the world. Although they prefer not to wage war, our heroes know they must conquer or destroy these demons to achieve their goal and bring lasting peace to the universe.

Going back in history, the ancient stories told of a time when there were two powerful races of beings—the Devas and the Asuras. The Devas were demi-gods who upheld the creative forces in nature. The Asuras, dark and more gruesome in appearance, upheld the destructive forces. Even though these two races were actually cousins, they were constantly battling each other. Through their cosmic conflict, the Devas and Asurasdid manage to keep the evolution of life moving along because a balance was maintained between their creative and destructive forces. From time to time, the destructive forces of the Asuras and demons would grow too strong and threaten to overtake life on Earth and the entire universe. Now was such a time. Ravana, the ten-headed king of the demons, had won great boons making him invincible in battle, and now he wished to take complete control of the universe for his own glory and power. Yet even though Ravana was a demon, his own father was the great sage Vishvaras, and his half-brother was Kubera, Lord of Wealth.

  • Ramayan as a Spiritual Journey

The Ramayan is both a heroic quest and a deeper spiritual journey. From the outer level, Ram is on a quest to recover his beautiful wife Sita, and ultimately to purify the world of the stress and negativity of the demons. On an inner level, Ram's journey reveals the unfolding of wholeness, of enlightenment in the consciousness of the world. As we follow in Ram's footsteps, we also find ourselves on a personal journey to uncover the truth of life, the truth of ourselves-- our spiritual journey within.

This is one of the secrets of the Ramayan. It can become a “map” for a journey into our own soul. The impulses of the Ramayan are actually structures of our own consciousness, our own Self. At this deepest level, all the characters of the Ramayan can be seen as aspects of our own nature, playing out all of their possibilities and tendencies. Like Ram, we encounter many challenges in our spiritual journey.

Sometimes we struggle against these challenges and they may seem like “demons” blocking our path. But even these seemingly negative energies can spur us on to purify us of our limitations, expanding our nature and our capabilities to become bigger, more whole human beings.

These demons can be seen as negative tendencies of our own mind-- lust, greed, anger, pride, attachment and covetousness. The positive forces of the mind—our heroes within—help us transcend or go beyond our limitations by becoming more established in our true inner nature. When we are established in our big Self, these demons seem small in comparison and are easily defeated...

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